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Rules and Regulations


We, the owners and managers of Arrowhead Park, are proud to have you as residents. The following rules and regulations are designed to ensure that we can all live in peace and harmony, and that no one’s rights are infringed upon. Rest assured that we will enforce these rules.

You may also rest assured that we will not allow anyone to be a disruptive force and make life miserable for everyone else. These rules and regulations are our honest attempt to have as nice a college student environment as you’ll find in Auburn. We appreciate you as residents of Arrowhead Park!

Tom and Amanda Cordi

  1. Lot rent is $210.00 per month with three people being the maximum allowed on any one lot. Starting January 2019, lot rent will increase to $220/mo. - our first increase in 2 years. ALL RESIDENTS MUST PASS A CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK! There is a one year lease, January 1 to December 31, on lot rental. Lot rent includes sewage and garbage (dumpsters). A deposit of $210.00 is required to secure a lot. This is refundable when you remove your mobile home from the park provided there is not damage to the lot and it is left clean of debris. If you sell your mobile home, your deposit will be refunded when the new owner has been approved, signs a lease and pays their deposit.
  2. All rent is due on the first and late after the tenth (10th) of the month. LATE CHARGES: A $30.00 late fee will apply after the tenth of the month. If you are unable to pay your rent on time, please notify the office before the tenth (10th). If rent is not paid , each successive month will incur another $30.00 late fee. There is a $30 charge for any returned (NSF) check. Only one check or money order per lot (NO CASH!) will be accepted.
  3. If paying with Money Order BE SURE TO SAVE YOUR RECEIPT! No account will be allowed to become two months delinquent. Residents with a one month delinquent account must pay the total amount due by the tenth (10th) of the following month. Failure to do so will result in immediate eviction.
  4. Any mobile home for sale in our park must be registered with Arrowhead Park management. ALL MOBILE HOME SALES MUST BE APPROVED BY ARROWHEAD PARK MANAGEMENT. NO EXCEPTIONS! The mobile home may not  be left as a rental unit. Management reserves the right to require that a home not up to park standards relating to condition and appearance must be removed from the park upon sale.
  5. BEFORE ANY SALE OF A HOME IS FINAL, THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS MUST BE MET: a) prospective owner (person responsible for paying lot rent) must pass a credit check. b) all residents must pass a criminal background check to be allowed to reside in Arrowhead Park. c) Arrowhead Park management reserves the right to deny residency in Arrowhead Park to any person failing to meet our entry requirements.
  6. THERE WILL BE NO "LEASE PURCHASE" or "OWNER FINANCING" SALES ALLOWED. All sales must be an OUTRIGHT PURCHASE with complete and total CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP.  A copy of the Bill of Sale must be furnisned to Arrowhead Park management at the time of sale or as soon as possible thereafter. 
  7. NO THIRD PARTY SALES OF HOMES ALLOWED IN ARROWHEAD PARK! ONLY OWNER OR PARK MGT. ALLOWED TO REPRESENT SALE OF A HOME IN ARROWHEAD PARK.  Anyone selling their mobile home must continue to pay lot rent. The individual owning the mobile home on the first (1st) of the month will be responsible for the lot rent. 
  8. A 30 day written notice must be given of intention to vacate lot. Anyone failing to give proper written notice will be charged another month’s rent. All accounts must be current before removal of mobile home. Five (5) business days notice must be given prior to home moving out of the park! Park management must be present for home to be moved. NOTE: WET CONDITIONS MAY DELAY HOMES MOVING IN OR OUT OF ARROWHEAD PARK DUE TO DAMAGE TO PARK PROPERTY THAT MAY OCCUR. MANAGEMENT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DETERMINE WHETHER CONDITIONS ARE TOO WET TO MOVE A HOME IN OR OUT OF ARROWHEAD PARK. Lot must be left clean of all debris and tie down anchors removed.
  9. All residents must be registered with Arrowhead Park management. The name, address, and phone numbers of the owner of the mobile home (usually parents) MUST BE LISTED on the Resident Agreement form as well as all other information requested on this form.


  1. Do not drive your vehicle off the road or parking pad without the express consent from park mgt. Damage to water meters, septic tanks, etc. can be very expensive.
  2. Residents are responsible for the upkeep of their lot. Your lawn must be mowed and weedeated a miniumum every 2 weeks, or as needed, to maintain a neat and clean lot during mowing season. Lot upkeep includes the following: mowing the grass on the entire lot inside and outside of dog pens; weedeating in and around pen, decks and parking area (use of Roundup type of herbicide is highly recommended to minimize the need to weedeat - especially around perimeter of the home to protect the skirting); raking leaves; trimming shrubs; keeping lot free from trash or junk, etc. All lots in need of maintenance will be notified in writing with a specified completion date. If needed lot maintenance is not performed by specified date, our maintenance crew will perform necessary maintenance on your lot, and an appropriate fine will be assessed and charged (minimum $35.00). This is not a service, it is a penalty.
    If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from maintaining your lot, you must notify Arrowhead Park management ASAP. Repeated excuses for failure to maintain the lot will not be tolerated - i.e."ran out of gas", "I was going to do it but it rained", "Grandma died", etc., etc.
  3. Residents are encouraged to add trees, shrubs, and plants to lot. Please notify management BEFORE doing so. We must approve of the type of trees, shrubs, etc. and the location and placement of such. Also, DO NOT DIG until you have been given permission to do so as to not damage any underground utilities. Once planted they will remain as part of the park.
  4. DUMPSTER: Household garbage ONLY is to be deposited in the dumpsters. DO NOT put furniture into or around dumpsters. ALL household garbage must be in trash bags. Hours of use for dumpsters are 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. only. Please observe this rule as it is considerate of your neighbors in the vicinity of the dumpsters. Please put boxes and large items that are burnable behind, not inside dumpster.


  1. Arrowhead Park allows only two dogs and two cats per lot. No exceptions.
  2. Only PORTABLE CHAIN LINK PENS OR PERMANENT CHAIN LINK FENCING, professionally installed, will be allowed in the park. Dogs will not be allowed to be tied up in the park. Park management must approve of the location of the pen or fence. NO OTHER TYPE OF PEN OR FENCE WILL BE ALLOWED.
  3. Dogs and cats will not be allowed to run loose in the park. After you are warned twice regarding a pet causing a disturbance or problem (i.e. excessive barking, lot damage) the pet will be removed from the park and will not be allowed to return. This will be strictly enforced. All pets must be registered with the park office along with a current copy of rabies vaccination.
  4. Pets outside of their pen must be accompanied by the owner and not pose a threat to the safety of people or other animals. Vicious dogs will not be allowed to remain in the park.
  5. All dog pens must be kept clean and odor free. Any pen becoming offensive must be cleaned upon request. It will be the judgement of Arrowhead Park management as to what constitutes “offensive."  If you are going to have a dog pen - you must maintain it and keep it clean. 
  6. Certain animals deemed not appropriate for habitation in our park by Arrowhead Park management will not be allowed in the park. They include, but are not limited to: goats, chickens, ducks, geese, pigs, horses, cows, sheep, or monkeys.
  7. There will be a $200.00 refundable pet deposit for any resident with a dog utilizing a portable pen. The deposit will be refunded when you move or sell your mobile home provided the area of the lot where pen was located is restored to original condition (no holes and grass replaced). Any labor and materials (fill dirt, seed) required by Arrowhead Park maintenance to restore area will be deducted from deposit.


  1. The speed limit in Arrowhead Park is 15 mph. THE SPEED LIMIT MUST BE OBSERVED AT ALL TIMES. Anyone violating the speed limit will receive a warning. If anyone receives three (3) warnings you will be evicted from the park. Please inform all guests of the speed limit.
  2. Vehicles must park in designated parking areas only. DO NOT PARK IN THE YARD OR ON THE GRASS ANYWHERE IN THE PARK FOR ANY REASON. Any vehicle not in a designated parking area will be towed at the owner’s expense. Any damage done to under or above ground utilities such as water lines, meters, sewer lines, etc., due to parking or driving in an undesignated area will be the responsibility of the resident. You will be held responsible for damage done by a guest or visitor to your home. Each parking pad is designed to park 3 vehicles. PARK ANY EXTRA VEHICLES PARALLEL TO THE ROAD ON THE SHOULDER. Do not block your neighbor’s vehicle.
  3. Excessively noisy vehicles will not be allowed in the park.
  4. No automotive repair work is allowed in the park. This includes changing oil.
  5. No junk vehicles will be allowed to remain in the park. All vehicles must be in operating condition, currently licensed and insured, and registered with Arrowhead Park management. Any vehicles failing to meet these stipulations will be towed out of Arrowhead Park at owner's expense.


  1. DIGGING for any reason must be approved by Arrowhead Park management. Before constructing dog pens, decks, or any other work that requires digging, check with Park management prior to starting.
  2. BUILDING of any kind such as awnings, sheds, decks, carports, storage buildings, pen or fence placement, etc., must be approved in advance by Arrowhead Park management. All work performed must be done in a professional manner and not result in an eyesore. Any type of work done deemed to be an eyesore by Arrowhead management will have to be removed.
  3. Lot lines are defined as follows:12 feet off the back door side of a home begins the front yard of the home behind. Any decks, fences, storage buildings, etc., erected or placed on the back door side of a home must not infringe on the front yard of the home behind. Approval from Park management prior to start of a project or placement of a storage building is required.
  4. BURNING of any kind is prohibited. This includes bonfires.
  5. UNDERPINNING: All mobile homes must be underpinned with vinyl skirting with top and bottom trim within 60 days of occupying the lot. Also, the tongue/hitch must be removed prior to underpinning. Any damaged or missing underpinning must be repaired/replaced immediately. Any mobile home not underpinned with vinyl skirting within 60 days of occupying the lot will be fined $5.00 a day.
  6. LOT NUMBERS must be displayed on your home using 3 or 4 inch numbers.
  7. RENTALS: No rentals are allowed in Arrowhead Park other than those owned by Arrowhead Park. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are selling your mobile home, advise buyers of this rule. Owners of mobile home or immediate family members (son/daughter) may have roommates provided they are registered with park management. Roommates will not be allowed to stay in the mobile home while owner or owner’s son/daughter is gone for any length of time UNLESS they have been registered and living in mobile home 1 semester prior to owner/immediate family member’s absence. The owner/immediate family member must return and occupy the mobile home after 1 semester or the mobile home will be considered “rented” and a 30 day eviction notice will be issued. Bottom line: NO RENTALS ALLOWED!
  8. BOW PRACTICE will be allowed in designated areas only! No bow practice allowed on lots or near homes.
  9. FIREARMS: No discharging of firearms is allowed in Arrowhead Park. This includes air guns (B.B. or pellet guns) and paint ball guns. No fireworks allowed in park.
  10. Water is supplied by Loachapoka Water Authority. Even though each resident pays their own water bill, leaking toilets and faucets that put a strain on the sewage system will not be allowed to persist. You will be required to fix any dripping faucets or leaking toilets or you will be fined. This is in your best interest as well as for the protection of our environment. Arrowhead Park will assist you in securing qualified, reputable repair people to fix your plumbing problems. THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. 
  11. YOUR HOME IS ON A SEPTIC TANK! Items such as grease, paper towels, tampons, tampon containers, sanitary napkins, condoms, wipes, and disposable diapers will stop up your sewer line or septic tank. Do not flush these items, or any substance that may cause a blockage, down the toilet. If you do and the sewer line becomes blocked or the septic tank must be pumped, it will be the homeowner's  responsibility to pay for the bill! This bill can cost $250 or more...
  12. All sewer connections will be odor and leak proof and installed to eliminate sagging. Three inch semi-rigid PVC plastic lines that meet health department standards must be used. (3/32’ minimum thickness). Residents are responsible for sewer connections to the septic tank. It is strongly suggested that “clean-out” access be installed.  Residents are responsible for any sewer blockages up to the septic tank.
  13. POSITIONING of all mobile homes on the lots will be supervised by Arrowhead Park management. No mobile home may be moved in or out and set on the lot without a representative of Arrowhead Park present. Five (5) business days notice must be given prior to moving the mobile home in or out of the park. Wet conditions may delay the move.
  14. No peddling, soliciting, or commercial enterprises are allowed in the park without first obtaining permission from the management.


  1. All electrical connections to the service panel are the responsibility of the resident and must be in accordance with code. An electrical permit application must be filed with Lee County Building Inspections, 909 Avenue A, Opelika, Al 36801. (334) 745-9811 or (888) 745-9811. Contact this office BEFORE doing the electric hook-up. You must fill out the application and pay a fee prior to hook-up. Also, the work must pass inspection by a Lee County inspector.
  2. Addresses and phone numbers of utility companies servicing Arrowhead Park:

ELECTRIC: Dixie Electric Cooperative
P.O. Box 30
Union Springs, AL 36089
(888) 349-4332 (Apply on-line: Search - Dixie Electric Cooperative)

WATER: Loachapoka Water Authority (You must have form from me, Tom Cordi, to take to Water Board office).
4742 Lee Rd. 188
Auburn, AL 36832
(334)887-3329 Hours 7am-3pm

CABLE TV: Charter Communications
1900 Mall Blvd.
Auburn, AL 36830
(888)237-4815, It is advisable to go to Mall Blvd. office when dealing with Charter.

GAS: If your mobile home has gas appliances or heat. Call for some propane companies that service Arrowhead Park, 334-703-6063. 

*NOTE: Placement of the propane tank on the lot must be supervised by park management as to the location and safe access by truck.


  1. No loud music or parties that disturb others will be allowed in Arrowhead Park. No live bands are permitted. Small parties are permissable however, large parties with more than 12 persons are not permitted. No parties are permitted during mid-term and final exams. EXCESSIVE NOISE AFTER 10:00 P.M. AND BEFORE 8:00 A.M. WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Continued violations of this policy will result in eviction from the park. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE OF YOUR NEIGHBORS.
  2. Public drunkeness and immoral conduct will not be tolerated and may result in immediate eviction. This includes guests and visitors to your home, whose actions you are held responsible for.
  3. Management reserves the right to remove, without notice, any objectionable person or persons who cause a disturbance or become a nuisance, and terminate their tenancy. Management shall be the sole judge of the necessity for such action and there will be no refunds in such event.
  4. Guests staying for two (2) or more nights  a week, on a regular basis, must register with park management. All residents must be registered with park mangement and pass criminal background check.
  5. Bear in mind that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY GUEST OR VISITOR TO YOUR HOME who causes a disturbance and YOU WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for any consequences resulting from their actions. YOUR FRIENDS' CONDUCT AND ACTIONS COULD RESULT IN YOUR EVICTION! Be careful who you invite into Arrowhead Park.
  6. All residents, guests, or visitors will comply with all rules and regulations set forth herein by Arrowhead Park; all laws of the City of Auburn, Lee County, State of Alabama, and the Federal government. Any violations of rules and regulations  may comprise reason for termination of tenancy and the calling of law enforcement officials if deemed applicable by management of Arrowhead Park.
  7. An INCIDENT FORM will be utilized to document any serious breach of rules and regulations. This Incident Form will remain on file as long as the resident in violation resides in Arrowhead Park and may be used as reference in any future breaches of rules and regulations.
  8. Arrowhead Park management reserves the right to revise or add rules and regulations as so deemed necessary.

REVISED:  August 25, 2017

Arrowhead Park
mobile home
We strive to make Arrowhead Park the most desireable community for Auburn University students to choose as their "home away from home". Our residents' and their parents' concerns and needs are primary to our mission to provide a safe, secure, well managed community of college students. We take pride in our residents being happy and secure living in Arrowhead Park. The peace of mind for mom and dad, whose hard earned money is invested in their children's future, is also our goal. We appreciate our residents; our future leaders. WAR EAGLE!

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